Saturday, October 25, 2014

"I Commit"...Let's Get It Started

I'm sitting here, reflecting upon my week, and deciding that tonight is the night I start my own "I Commit" action steps. I've been given the opportunity to lead a group of educators through a class that I am calling "Foundations of Innovation". This class started as an idea for my principal internship course work. It has become so much more to me. I leave these classes feeling inspired, motivated, and hopeful that we will be able to change the way we "do" school. I believe that education should be first and Yes, it should be hard work and full of rigorous curriculum but aside from that, it should be fun. This course is plain and We are studying concepts like creating a culture of innovation, sparking creativity, and how to create and use flexible learning spaces. How can that not be fun? This week I wrapped up our Saturday session (that's right, teachers came and worked on a Saturday!) and held an invigorating Wednesday evening class where we had the opportunity to have New Albany High School Principal, Dwight Carter, speak to us about developing a Professional Learning Network. He focused specifically on Twitter and how this tool can be used to grow your professional development a million times over. It was inspiring to say the least and extremely informative. This work, while it has been life changing, has come at a cost, and I sometimes wonder if I am making a difference with this. Then...I opened my Twitter account and saw six teachers from my class actively involved in telling the story of what we do at New Albany. I got emails from these teachers late at night telling me what they were learning and sharing and how excited they were. So I guess, maybe...I am making a difference. Here's to the innovators and here's to accomplishing my own "I Commit" list!
Kick off to Foundations of Innovation in the 1-8
The Wednesday group studying "Reinventing Education...Defined"
Dwight Carter teaches us about PLN's
Prototypes for Design Thinking

Looking for ways to create a culture of innovation