Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Thankful Heart

I fell in love 11 years ago...with my school. That really deep kind of love where you know that there is a reason this love came into your life. I pulled into the school with my parents for an interview at age 24...and knew this was my home. Over my 11 years I have worked with amazing students, families, teachers, and administrators. We have seen successes and failures together...but nothing could have prepared me for the things that were to come.

I didn't know that I would meet my professional soul mates. The ones that challenge me to be better. The ones that became my role models. Those teachers that stand next to me and cheer me on with each step I've taken towards an administrative career. I didn't expect that I could love a profession this much. I didn't know how the person across the hall could change my life with just a few positive reminders about what we believe education should be like for all children. How lucky am I?

I did know however, that I could love children to the end of the world and back and it still wouldn't be enough. Only after I had my own children, did I learn why I am a good teacher. It's because I love them. I love all of them. Everyday. I used to loose sleep over worrying about a low test grade, planning a lesson that would connect with my kids, or learning the 15th strategy for addition that the state wanted me to teach. Here's the thing, I don't take lightly that I get to spend more time with someone's children in a day, than their own parents do. I know what a great responsibility it is to make sure that every one of those children have a day that inspires a passion for learning and pushes them to strive to identify personal growth goals. I love them everyday. To the end of the world and back, I will always try my best for the students. How lucky am I that I work with these amazing children?

I've watched my former students grow up to graduate and become fireman, naturalists, and so much more. I've seen shy students come out of their shell and turn into leaders of their student body. I've cried with families as we struggle to figure out ways to tackle homework stress, divorces, sibling name it, I've lived it with the students and families I love. 11 years and I still smile everyday when I park my car and enter my school. The parents I have worked with have changed my life. Sometimes it was because I made a mistake, other times it was because I solved a problem, and sometimes it was just a connection between a teacher and a parent gushing over the number of words read correctly in a minute. How lucky am I, that I got experience the opportunity to work with hundreds of families on building a better future, one student at a time?

Those are just a few of the reasons I am grateful. There are thousands more. But all of these grateful heartsongs would not be possible without that school that I love. The one that will be changing dramatically in just a few short months. So while some want to complain about how they didn't know anything about pay to play fees, and others spread untruths about how the district is spending money, or my personal favorites of how our board of education and superintendent didn't listen, I choose to continue to search for my grateful heart. I will remember that bus drivers are losing their jobs in December and may not have a way to make ends meet, and I'll look at two of my dearest treasures and try to keep my head up knowing their jobs are gone and I may never work with them again...I will promise myself that I will make the most of the position I am in for the remainder of the year until the position is eliminated. I will work harder to make the greatest impact I can. I will cherish every moment I have, because I am in love with the school I work at. 

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