Sunday, November 16, 2014

Who Said 1st Grade isn't Fab Lab...ulous!

This week I was lucky enough to spend time with first graders in our state funded Fab Lab. It was incredible! Actually, that probably isn't a strong enough word to describe it. This opportunity came about because of some amazing 1st grade teachers. I've been lucky to be invited by them to work on several projects and every time, it just gets better and better...and bigger if I'm being honest. Check out their amazing classroom work at

A huge thank you goes out to my partner's in crime on this project, Doug Jones, Shane Shoaf and Sandy Willmore. We couldn't not have pulled it off for those amazing students without our teamwork! If you want to know more about the work our first graders did in the MIT Fab Lab, email

As if that project wasn't enough...I also had our fourth class of Foundations of Innovation. This group of educators leaves me speechless time and time again. This week our class focused on Human Centered Design Thinking. We worked together to build empathy for each other around the challenge: How Might We Redesign Professional Learning? We went through a rapid cycle design challenge. The reflection piece at the end is always my favorite but I especially loved sharing with the group that the entire purpose of pushing them through a design cycle in an hour was actually to build empathy for our students...I hope it worked!

Here are some photos from the night! Can't wait to see this talented group of teachers in December!

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