Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Then You Go To Boston

When I was a little girl all I ever wanted to do was win an olympic medal in figured skating and teach first grade. That's it. There was nothing in my world beyond those two goals. Well, I didn't win a gold medal and I don't teach first grade. When you dream about something you sometimes tell yourself, "this would be so awesome, but it's not possible". I only told myself that about one of the afore mentioned dreams. Life has a funny way of showing you new dreams though doesn't it? This year our school was lucky enough to be a part of the Straight A Grant: Pathways to Prosperity. This grant ended up bringing an MIT Fab Lab to our learning campus. Now, having a Fab Lab on our campus was never something I would have dreamed. I didn't even know what a Fab Lab was, let alone what it could provide for students. Since I work as a technology learning coach in our district it made sense that I would learn some of the programs and tools to help support this getting rolling on our campus. 4 months later, I have a new dream. I want everyone to have a Fab Lab, or at least access to it. In the beginning of December I was invited to go on a tour of Fab Labs in Boston with others from my school including teachers, administrators, parents, and students. We were there for two jam packed days. We visited Fab Labs that had a range of clientele and purpose. The trip was to spark our creativity and to start to think about how we might use our Fab Lab. This tour did more than spark creativity, it let me see how dreams don't go away, they morph into bigger, better dreams.

When we returned from Boston the following week, my colleagues and I finished up a five week after school class with 2nd-5th graders in our Fab Lab. To promote the grant and the MIT Fab Lab, a video crew was there to capture what goes on in the Fab Lab. I haven't seen this video yet but the videographers and crew were blown away by what the kids had done. And so were we! So my action step from my trip is to dream up how I might get our community to see the awesomeness that happens on our learning campus. I'm planning a few family friendly events that will bring people into the Fab Lab and I can't wait to see what happens. My dream of innovation in the classroom will happen, I'm learning non-stop, and more importantly I'm finding others who inspire me to keep me moving forward. 

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