Sunday, January 18, 2015

There it is...that SPARK!

There it is...right you see it? The spark is obvious if you look close enough. You see, I'm lucky because I get the chance to see kids faces tell me they get it. They tell me their excited with just a smile (or sometimes a smirk). How lucky am I? These are some photos Janice Hayes took of her fifth graders visit to the Fab Lab. These students came to visit me for an hour and left with comments like, "This was the best day ever!" So I ask lucky am I?

Our Fab Lab is amazing, but more amazing is giving our students the opportunity to think anything is possible! Letting them know that at age 10 and 11, they can create things and bring them to live. How great is that! School is changing, it's up to us to change with it. What will you do to teach our children that anything is possible? I'm going to stay the course. I'm going to keep designing and redesigning and designing all over again, how I will connect with students and teachers to redesign the way we think about school. lucky am I?

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