Wednesday, May 6, 2015

That's a Wrap Folks!

Tonight we wrapped up our last Foundations of Innovation 2.0 session. These amazing colleagues have spent the last year studying innovation, collaboration, flexible spaces, design thinking, project based learning and so much more. As a group we have traveled "virtually" to schools, we have wrestled with difficult conversations including why it's so hard to take feedback, and we have held back tears (well I didn't always do so great at the holding back part) as we celebrated the successes and the almost successes of so many risk taking adventures from our group. I designed the course originally to provide a way to share the things I was learning during my principal internship about flexible classroom design. I had no idea the impact the course would have on myself and my colleagues.

What if all teachers and administrators took this course and came together the way this group did? What if veteran and rookie teachers were able to learn from each other in a safe environment, where each challenged the other? What if there was a space to really dream about what school could look like and fear no judgement? Better yet, what if you developed action steps and started changing the way school looks? This group did all of these...and more.

So as I reflect on the work I've done over the last year to prepare for the amazing work sessions, it pales in comparison to the work these teachers did in their classrooms. Here's to the risk takers, the go getters, the empathic change agents, the innovators I have had the privilege to travel with on our learning journey. Thank you for bringing a dream of mine to life that I never knew existed. Thank you for working so hard and believing in the idea that school could be more... not just for students, but for teachers as well. Thank you...for leaving a mark on my heart and a fire in my soul to keep sharing our message. Now...get back to work and share your stories, revisit your "I commit" lists, and keep innovating!